We at Shasha Tobacco believe in being a socially responsible company. We endeavour to implement projects that protect the environment, offset the negative effects of Tobacco production and empower local communities. We thus believe in sustainable tobacco production using innovative Rocket tobacco curing barns, V- slotted convectional curing bars and reforestation programs.


Shasha Tobacco – Your partner to sustainable value addition.

What We Do

FCV Tobacco Contract Growing and Purchasing

Operating a sustainable Flue-Cured Virginia (FCV) Tobacco Contract Growing Program, from which most of Shasha Tobacco’s green tobacco requirements for blending, processing and shipping are sourced. Contract growers with experience and exceptional growing skills have been carefully selected over the years

Purchasing of FCV tobacco from Auction Floors

Shasha Tobacco compliments its total green FCV tobacco purchase requirements through sourcing of tobacco from licensed tobacco auction floors.

Blending, processing and shipping to clients’ specifications

We have the expertise and experience to develop and purchase any tobacco blend a customer may want.

Sustainable Tobacco Program

Shasha operates a robust Sustainable FCV Tobacco Production Program premised on the proper and safe use of Crop Protection Agents with in-built traceability protocols; elimination of Child Labour in tobacco production processes amongst other Good Agricultural and Sustainable Tobacco Production practices.


We offer transport services for input distribution and bale collection for our contract growers. We also operate logistic services for dry stock up to FOB Durban or Beira or any other eco-terms set by the customer.

Environmentally Friendly Curing Systems

Shasha Tobacco is promoting the use of “rocket” and other fuel efficient curing barns that have been developed by the Tobacco Industry. Not only do these structures use less curing fuel (whether wood or coal), than conventional barns, but they also produce superior styles and quality of cured tobacco when operated correctly.

Sustainable Afforesation Association (SAA)

Shasha Tobacco is proud to be a member of this grouping formed by Zimbabwe Tobacco merchants in 2013. Tobacco merchants have voluntarily agreed to levy themselves at an agreed rate from 2013 going forward to support the operations of SAA. A secretariat, with oversight from the merchants, is investing these funds into other forms of renewable energy (especially the establishment of commercial forest plantations and woodlots for access by small scale tobacco growers) to be used during tobacco curing and handing of flue-cured tobacco. SAA is already exploring and experimenting on more efficient systems of curing tobacco that are sustainable and more friendly to the environment than is currently the case. Please see here for more information. (

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