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We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of a transformed tobacco and agricultural production and marketing system in Zimbabwe.

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Crop Integrity Program

Loan recovery & Performance measures

Contract Performance

Training Programmes

Crop Integrity Program

This entails, amongst other strategies, the operation of Good Agricultural Practice Programs which involve the use of tobacco varieties approved by the Tobacco Research Board; use of agrochemicals (crop protection agencies) countenanced by the Tobacco Research Board and the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board, being the Tobacco Industry research and regulatory bodies respectively in Zimbabwe.

Loan Recovery & Performance Measures

Shasha has improved grower vetting and selection processes as well as tightened up the administration and technical back stopping systems of its contract growing scheme. The results have been exceptional.

Contracted growers are consistently improving yields and quality arising from the strong and effective technical back-up support that Shasha delivers to them.

Contract Performance

Since being licensed as a Contractor in 2007 by the Zimbabwean authorities including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board, the Shasha Tobacco Contract Growing Scheme has increased production from 400,000 kg in the 2007/08 season to an average of 6.00 million kg in the past three seasons. Currently, Shasha Tobacco supports more than 4,000 growers of FCVT in Zim and is targeting to contract more than 15 million kgs in the short term.

Training Programmes

Shasha employs qualified agronomists who carry out in-situ grower training programs thus ensuring that our growers produce tobacco viably and sustainably with the qualities and flavour desired by the customer.

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